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By | December 21, 2013
Flatulence can initiate many other potential health predicaments apart from not only the social embarrassment!. There are luckily many remedies which will provide most effective and permanent treatment to the issue but only if you follow a healthy lifestyle & diet. Flatulence is created during the digestion process and mainly by the symbiotic yeast and bacteria present in gastrointestinal tract, these bacteria which are actually good for you breaks down the most complex foods but unfortunately in the process manufacture gas which exits the body in the form of gas through the rectum. If large amounts of this gas are created it causes bloating in which the stomach is made bigger by the gas to create uneasiness and may be even nausea.

The biggest single factor that cause flatulence is aerophageal which is when too much air is swallowed along with your food or as habit; this air passes into the intestine and comes out as a flatus. Some people additionally also have intolerances to certain kinds of food causes flatulence in some people. Beans cabbages & caulifolowers are well known for their ability to create gas for the people consuming them!. The disgusting smells that sometimes accompany flatulence originate from sulphor that is contained in certain foods which when broken down leads to stinky gas!. Other causes for flatulence range from being constipated, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome are few reasons for flatulence.

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5. Smelly pets, especially cats and dogs 6. Flatulence and other odors from the toilet 7. Body odor 8. Chemical smells from paint, fillers and glues 9. Tobacco and cigar smoke 10. Mold and damp

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Keeping An Odor-Free Dog & Home – Loop Consulting Group
Odor from within Does your dog have a flatulence problem? If so, take a closer look at his diet. This type of issue can point to an intestinal

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Shouldn't it be something like "Effect on Urine Odor"? –Colinbartlett 11:27, 2 November 2007 I had smelly flatulations after eating asparagus. What is the material that makes urine/flatulence smell? —Preceding unsigned comment added by 21:16, 5 August 2008 (UTC)

Pictures of Smelly Flatulence Odor
Employers are often uncomfortable dealing with hygiene problems such as body odor, incontinence, smell of urine or feces, urine or feces left on office chairs, odor from flatulence, smell of sweat, bad breath, disheveled appearance) and let the employee know how it is affecting the

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We carry filters for your office chair and underwear that muffle the sound and odor of smelly gas. We also offer traditional products like Gas-X that help break down flatulence. We even have pills that make the odor of your gas less noxious.

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Soft, foul-smelling stools that float, stick to the side of the bowl, or are difficult to flush away may mean there is increased fat in the stools, called steatorrhea.

Smelly Flatulence Odor Pictures

How Do You Control Excessive, smelly flatulence? – Yahoo Answers
A few weeks before some women have their period, they get really bloated and pass A LOT of gas with offensive odor. Are there any pills that are recommended that can control the flatulence?

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Bad breath or any unpleasant odor from the mouth can have several causes, amongst it, bad teeth condition, Flatulence is commonly caused by indigestion or unhealthy foods. If bad odor caused by smelly feet is routine and persistent in your case,

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Flatus: Flatulence; Abdominal distension; Bloating; Belching. Wet burp; Tympanites; Stool: Fecal incontinence. Encopresis; Blood: Fecal occult blood; Rectal tenesmus; Constipation; Obstructed defecation; Diarrhea; Rectal discharge; Football sign; Psoas sign; Obturator sign;


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