Smelly How To Get Rid Of Flatulence Naturally

By | March 29, 2014
Flatulence can initiate many other potential health problems apart from not only the social embarrassment!. However there are many remedies which will provide most effective and permanent treatment to the problem if supported by good and healthy habits. Flatulence is created during the digestion process and mainly by yeast & symbiotic yeast which lives in the gastrointestinal tract, these bacteria which are actually good for you breaks down the most complex foods but unfortunately in the process manufacture gas which is passed out by the human body in the form of gas through the rectal passage. If large amounts of this gas are created it causes bloating in which the stomach is bloated by the gas to create uneasiness and may be even nausea.

One of the major factors that cause flatulence is aerophageal which is when too much air is swallowed along with your food or as regular occurrence; this air arrives into the intestine and comes out as a flatus. Intolerance to certain types of food causes flatulence in some people. Some types of foods are well known for their gas promoting nature like beans. The disgusting smells that sometimes accompany flatulence originate from sulphor that is contained in certain foods which when broken down leads to stinky gas!. Other causes for flatulence range from being constipated, indigestion, IBS are few reasons for flatulence.


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Body Ecology shows you how to alleviate painful gas, naturally! Experiencing flatulence on a regular basis can be both Other common causes of flatulence include: Too much fiber too soon; Lactose intolerance; Don't want to be known as "smelly". Have microscopic colitis and looking for


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